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A suggestion of a principle for skills.

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I want to describe the + - General structure for skills from the "Craft" section, which I think is more understandable and interesting.

I will briefly describe how I imagine it.

Level 0. Incompetent.
With this level, most actions related to this profession are performed 2-3 times slower.
Chance to damage your finger when cutting food (add the requirement of a salad knife) or get burned when working with a propane torch...
First aid: panic when removing glass, 50% chance (with tweezers) or 75% chance (without tweezers) of failure...
We have no idea about the subject related to this profession (information about the quality and condition of auto parts is hidden, etc.)...

Level 1. Beginner. Speed penalty time x1.5-2.

Level 2. Amateur.
Short information about the condition of auto parts (Worn, Average, New), and I really hope in the future to see the opportunity to assess the condition of barricades, furniture and walls built...

Level 3-6. blah blah blah

Level 7. Professional. Maximum requirement for all actions and blueprints. Complete diagnostics of all skill-related items.
(no chance of breaking furniture when dragging)

8+ Master. Various bonuses (speed of work, quality, etc.).

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