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Need advise with roof slopes

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After building a couple dozen houses for my map, I realized on play testing (finally) that the slopped roofs are not solid AT ALL. I have lots of roof lines that run underneath upper story windows. So when the player climbs out, they fall into the room below.



Any chance in the future these roof tiles will feature collision?

Does anybody have any tricks or work-arounds to try to "fake" the solid roof? (even if its not perfect)

Any tips in general with roofs? Rooms need windows, and boring roofs make for boring houses.


I REALLY don't want to completely redo all my houses.

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I noticed this too when I gained access to a carport roof. The sloped roofs don't have any collision detection, but there is a flat floor underneat as some sort of workaround so you don't just fall through it. Looks a bit silly since you are kinda clipping through the roof, but it's something I can live with. 

Maybe that would be a way to counter your problem.

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I guess that's sorta what I was thinking.

I could build a "shelf" under the windows with floor tiles and roof caps on the ends. Not sure yet how well the shelf tiles would conceal.  Like you said, it would still look a little goofy, and it wouldn't be conducive to sheet ropes, but better than magically falling through the roof.

What I really need are "clip tiles" -tiles that block the player but are invisible in game. Even if I knew how to do custom tiles, I'm not sure that's something that would be doable in this engine.


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