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Books, and Only Books, Spawning In Specially Designated Room Classes


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EDIT: This is still occuring in the newest IWBUMS version. The bug has been corroborated by other users as of October 2020 AD. I am submitting further information.



Good evening.


I am experiencing an odd situation on a custom Map. Now, one might say to oneself, "this is a Mod issue, take it there", but it isn't. The original author of the Map has confirmed the same bug in a game on his map without Mods.


In the pictures attached, you will see the issue.


In these specific classes of shelving furniture, the game is incapable of spawning anything except books. I searched in rooms marked "TOOLSTORE", "ELECTRONICSSTORE", "MEDCLINIC", "STORAGE", "GROCERYSTORAGE", "JEWELRYSTORE", and various other rare specilizations. Every single one of them spawn books. Only books. Every time.


Despite this, I have seen other loot tableswork properly. In a room marked "STORAGEUNIT", I found a Baseball Bat and various tools inside both a filing cabinet and a desk. In those same kinds of places, the types of shelves pictured continue to spawn books, and only books.


In the few instances where there are no books, I find empty shelves full of Plaster Powder and Concrete Powder, and five nails. I have never seen a Display Case producing anything but nails and Plaster Powder. It seems, based on what the makers of the Map I played on, that some classes of shelving are hard-coded to spawn ONLY books unless they are in one specific class of room. Some store shelves seem to spawn ONLY books UNLESS they are in an area marked as "GROCERY" or "GROCERYSTORAGE".


Am I doing something wrong? Should I restart and run a custom Map, and only the Map, for testing? What governs loot spawning in shelves? Is it tied to the room, or to the shelf? I'm sick of books in my tool stores and electronic stores.


Thank you for any assistance you may render.




Warm regards and warm bodies,





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Compounding this issue, I have found a Library with a specific class of shelves that spawn books by default (see above). The problem? None of the shelves are spawning any books you'd normally find in the Library. Only five or six Default Books and a few Skill Books spawn. I checked every shelf, and they were all mostly devoid of books as well.


You will see the issue in the image attached to this post.


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On Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 12:02 AM, Nativel said:

Guys, how developers can help you? Fix map they not made? huh?

Those who made this map, made loot spawn in every location on the map they made


You are wrong.


Loot spawns randomly, by the game. It's not the map that is broken. Custom Maps and Vanilla rendition Maps both use Loot Tables. Every Room has a Room Class. The Room Class governs what can and cannot spawn in a Room. LUA Tables set the spawn rates and spawn chances of every item in the game independently of any Map. If it works in one Room, it works in all of them.


It seems that a lot of the Loot Tables are tied to only one class of shelf, leading to this. It happens with and without Mods.

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I have discovered the problem, and solving it is incredibly easy.


It applies to any Map at any time. Loot Tables have two settings: the Room Class and what furniture they spawn in.


In all of the Vanilla rendition Loot Tables, they are set to spawn in one, and only one, class of furniture. Say, for example, the "SHELVES" class. There are multiple different kinds of shelves, and "SHELVES" is only one. Any Map that does not put that exact shelf in a designated Room Class gets screwed. PZ does not have an overarching group of furniture classes. Rather, each item that spawns must be tied either to one piece of furniture or every piece of furniture. Furthermore, there is no way to exclude ("all but X") any piece of furniture.


The solution is simple. Indie Stone would need to change it so that ALL furniture works for ALL Room Classes. This would lead to weird issues, like pickaxes in vending machines, but it's better than every Custom Map being royally screwed over.


Ideally, Indie Stone should write a way to exclude certain classes of furniture, so that we don't have to choose all or one.


To fix the issue, go into the (DRIVE WITH STEAM LAUNCHER PROGRAM)\(STEAM LAUNCHER PROGRAM PATH)\(ROOT PZ)\MEDIA\LUA\SERVER\ITEMS and open the LUA file. Scroll down the lines and use Notepad's replacing tool (or manual editing) to change the second entry (governing furniture) to "all", in full lowercase.


This will instantly rectify the issue. Hopefully, PZ will get on this in the future.

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