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Lua - bad reading/writing of files

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When using functions getFileReader, getFileWriter, getModFileReader, getModFileWriter in lua, national (no-ascii) characters are lost (more precisely, they turn into question marks when writing and into an unprintable character when reading). In the original game (without mods) this is manifested when saving/loading character settings or sandbox settings:





Try to read a corrected file:



It is not very critical in this particular place, but sometimes creates problems in mods (both when writing and when using).


In this regard, the suggestion: if the files are badly read from lua, then read them in java, and transfer a table of strings to lua. And vice versa - transfer to functions a table with strings, which will be written to the file in Java. That is, add something like this:

// in addition to getFileReader()
@LuaMethod(name = "ReadFileToTable", global = true)
public static KahluaTable ReadFileToTable(String param1String, boolean param1Boolean) {

// in addition to getModFileReader()
@LuaMethod(name = "ReadModFileToTable", global = true)
public static KahluaTable ReadModFileToTable(String param1String1, String param1String2, boolean param1Boolean) {

// in addition to getFileWriter()
@LuaMethod(name = "WriteTableToFile", global = true)
public static void WriteTableToFile(KahluaTable param1KahluaTable, String param1String, boolean param1Boolean1, boolean param1Boolean2) {

// in addition to getModFileWriter()
@LuaMethod(name = "WriteTableToModFile", global = true)
public static void WriteTableToModFile(KahluaTable param1KahluaTable, String param1String1, String param1String2, boolean param1Boolean1, boolean param1Boolean2) {



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