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UI Improvements that don't change the current UI

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I know UI changes are going to be happening and I look forward to it, but with the current UI these are the small changes I'd make that I think would help



More items recognized in surrounding containers the way food is for cooking. There are plenty of things that already work this way however things that don't work this way and I feel should include:

  - Cleaners (soap/dish detergent)

  - Maintenance items (Glue, Tape, etc.)

  - Tailoring items (Thread, Strips, Needles)


Right clicking a moodle will give a drop down of solutions that you currently have access to (on you and in adjacent containers).

Would be neat to right click a depressed moodle and get:

  - Read a book

  - Take Anti-Depressant pills

  - Eat Chocolate

And so on


A "gather materials" for crafting recipes. You can craft using items nearby so long as you are crafting next to the items you need. Otherwise you need to collect the materials you need and then go to where you want to build. A gather materials option just helps speed the process up a bit. Maybe a "Gather Materials: One" and "Gather Materials: All"


Add a "Build" tab to the crafting menu for buildable items (I'm sure you know what I mean but ex. Walls/containers/furniture). These items could be added to their respective skill tabs but either way the point is to help the player see the materials they need a little easier and if coupled with the above idea it would help gathering materials for building a bit easier.


Being able to pin the inventory to a certain spot on screen. Currently you can pin it open and closed but not to a location. I often end up accidentally moving the inventory and would like to be able to pin it down.


A "Loot all surrounding" button that will loot every container around you as well as a "Stack" button that will place items in your inventory in to any containers that contain the same items already. In particular this would be handy for when I am attempting to loot all the corpses that end up piling up. Pick it all up, sort it out later.



All these changes basically just ease up on how often you have to dig through your containers to find a specific item, which I think might be the most cumbersome part of the UI at the moment. And to emphasize, I know UI updates are coming, this is just how I'd temporarily make the current UI more friendly.

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What would also help with digging through uis, would be a text search option for the inventory.

Another addition I feel could benefit the game a lot is being able to collapse and item type (e.g. collapse all your equipped clothes into 1 single item,especially  now we can have so many equipped items).

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