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Hello there!~
    I have a small bug - a question. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to work like this? 

 When a character damages one hand (no matter which, left or right hand) - all of his melee attacks and firearm shooting deteriorate in effectiveness.

I was playing PZ 30 minutes ago and noticed this oddity, when my character was scratched in the left hand (and he fought back with the right hand), then his blows became weaker. Even the painkillers didn't help, completely covering the pain. It was a character who had just had a good night's sleep. At the time of the battle, he did not want to eat, drink, was not afraid (took adrenoblockers).

    Interested, I went to "test" this bug. Created a new character, disabled all mods (except for the creative mod) and ... yes.
 The character breaks the window with his left hand - so he gets a wound on the left hand (not always, yep). The left hand is not used in attacks with a single handed melee weapon...
     So, here's what I got:

  •   With a wounded left hand - from 3 to 6 blows with a katana, holding it in the right hand.
  •   With a healthy left hand - from 1 to 3 blows with a katana, holding it in the right hand.

 Is this how it should work? Maybe when a character produces these sudden movements, it greatly hinders the wound on his arm that just hangs around and does not participate in the battle with zed? I don't think it works that way, but maybe I'm wrong.

 I can upload a video demonstrating this little illogic.

I'm just a little disappointed, because my character is lost (he was bitten) due to the fact that his combat effectiveness has fallen and he was not able to give a proper fight back to the four zeds

Thank you for your attention!~

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