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Is There a Way to Disable Trunk Damage When Slowly Backing Into Zombies, but Not When Crashing?

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Good afternoon.


I was surprised to learn that the most recent stable update (Build Forty) and the current IWBUMS version (Build Forty-One) added a mechanic where any form of backing up into zombies caused significant damage to an automobile's trunk, no matter how slow or meticulous.  I find this both odd and unrealistic, as the only thing running over something at a very, very slow speed could do was burst the tires or significantly damage the suspension.


As I search for a Mod or setting to change this, I should indicate what I do not want:

  • I do not want to strengthen any part of the vehicle but the trunk.
  • I do not want to affect crashing into the environment, into trees, into buildings or signs, or other such objects.
  • I do not want to affect running into zombies at a high speed.


What setting would adjust the damage to a vehicle's trunk when it collides with a zombie in slow motion? Does the setting for hitting zombies differ from the setting for hitting the environment?


Thank you for any assistance you may render.



Warm regards and bodies,


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