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Something I'd love to see and think would be really useful is 'cool bags' (insulated refrigerator bags like school lunchboxes!) that could be used to transport fridge and freezer food and would allow it to stay refrigerated whilst in the bag (or it loses its refrigerated/frozen value at a much slower rate than if the item were in a normal bag/inventory.  This would be especially useful to move fridge food that is no longer 'fresh' as I've had instances where I have traveled somewhere and the food has rotted on the way :( There could be a few different types (and capacities!) too which could be fun such as previously mentioned school lunchbox (could be found in the primary schools etc which would be small) a regular sized cool bag designed for camping perhaps could be found in places like self storage, then you could have large supermarket cool bags with a big capacity that you could find in big supermarkets or something like that.  Just my suggestion here but I'd love to see something like this implemented at some point!! :)


p.s - pls add more symbols to paint on signs (or is possible text you can write yourself!)


thanks ☺️

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