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Old Workshop Mods and Maps Not Showing Up, Newest Ones Are


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Good afternoon.


I am experiencing an issue with the "Project Zomboid" video game. I use the Steam Launcher Program version, and am running "Project Zomboid" on the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" edition (Build Forty-One, if I am not mistaken).


When I go to run the game, I have many Mods, but most of them are not showing up. This includes all of my Maps. Only the newest Mods, updated for the newest version, can show up. This applies solely to Mods downloaded from the Steam Launcher Program's Workshop. This makes no sense, as previous PZ iterations permitted outdated Mods to be run, and most of those that I ran still work. This is especially, and nearly universally, certain for the Map Mods I crave.


The principle Mod that does not work, and there are many, is my all-time favorite Mod.  It is called "All In Zomboid", and it links together all of the contemporary, custom Maps (as of the Mod's last update) and adds Vehicle Spawning Zones and links across those Maps. To me, "Project Zomboid" is unplayable without this Mod enabled. Several of the other ruined Mods are also, to me, essential to my game.


I can always manually extract the Mods in and put them in my local PZ folder, but I have quite a lot and would rather have them work as intended.


I humbly request assistance and appreciate any help which is rendered.



Thank you.



P.S.: Yes, I already cleared my Download Cache.

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I would probably try deleting everything in the "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" folder except the "Saves" folder, this will reset your settings but it could delete any lingering mod files and hopefully have the game recognize the mods.

If that wont work I would probably try unsubscribing from all the mods and then subscribing again, so they redownload and get recognized that way.

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