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Need help newbie on moding

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Hi there i am really sorry if someone already ask this question in the past i just can't find the answered i am looking for any of you kind lady's and gentlemen will be very kind and give me you sweet time to explain me please in short or if you really generous in long explanation of how i start to mod and from where i am new and i want to start making new mods i am half newbie with making 3D models got programs and tools but the problem is where should i learn the basics i want to make some mods that i can add new tools and weapons to the game i can make the 3D model of it but what next is i don't know should i start with lua and javascript or just lua and java pls if you care to help on just to tell the basic to where to start i will be really appreciate your kindness i just really really want to add some mods that some people don't want to add them or don't want to share it or the don't even exist like in HC there are some great stuff in there and people can't play without it so i want to make some my own tools and items that people will find it hard not to use them and well can't play without it :P i just want to make tools that will help the one's who will make a mistake in the game and it will come with a nice price to pay if you wish to keep on living 

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Greetings Tangos!


First things first: I've absolutely no knowledge about 3D-models in PZ, but I know a few basic things about modding in PZ (or at least where I can look for info 😁)

In order to start modding PZ you should start with the basics, that is script-files for items and Lua for pretty much everything else.

@Fenris_Wolfcreated an awesome beginners guide on github, after you have worked your way through this you should have some basic knowledge.


The next crucial thing in my opinion is getting familiar with the base Lua files and the Java classes PZ ships with.

For the Lua files you will simply need a texteditor to look at, but for the Java classes you will need something to decompile them. Other modders (me included) use JD-GUI for this.


Next steps are: look at other mods that do similiar things that you want to achieve. There are so many awesome mods out there with good written code to look at. These will help you get started.


That are for me the first steps to start modding in PZ. The other modders are very friendly and all chip in to help a fellow modder in need, so don't despair and either use the forum here or go to the official PZ Discord and participate in the modding-channel.

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