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Mod System Bug

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How to reproduce:

1) Start new challenge "You Have One Day".

2) Go back to main menu.

3) Enable any mod in main menu, e.g. "Mod Template".

4) Load the game using "Continue" button. Don't press "Load" button.

5) You will see the red error (bug):

function: preLoadLastStandInit -- file: LastStandSetup.lua line # 7

ERROR: General, 1596264292792> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null at KahluaThread.tableget line:1684.
ERROR: General, 1596264292792> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:
java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null
	at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.tableget(KahluaThread.java:1684)
	at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.luaMainloop(KahluaThread.java:492)
	at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.call(KahluaThread.java:163)
	at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcall(KahluaThread.java:1975)
	at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcallvoid(KahluaThread.java:1807)
	at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.pcallvoid(LuaCaller.java:66)
	at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.protectedCallVoid(LuaCaller.java:139)
	at zombie.Lua.Event.trigger(Event.java:37)
	at zombie.Lua.LuaEventManager.triggerEvent(LuaEventManager.java:50)
	at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:1980)
	at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.runInner(GameLoadingState.java:242)
	at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.run(GameLoadingState.java:201)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)


To reproduce the bug you should enable the mod either in the main menu or in the save, but not in two places at the same time. Anyway load the game using "Continue" button, because "Load" button is buggy at this moment (I've reported it here).

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1. Also relevant for other challenges (Storm, Winter, CDDA ...).


2. In the log before the described "STACK TRACE":

attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null

OnInitWorld() - it's function from scripts of challenges (YouHaveOneDay.lua, AReallyCDDAy.lua, AStormIsComing.lua ...), which are not executed when using "Continue" (see here).


3. Apparently, it's not about the mods - it are here only to force reset lua, which makes the bug more obvious.

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