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Some bugs I've come across

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I debated whether to wait for any hotfixes etc. after the .40 update, but decided to post this anyway.


I've noticed a few jerky movements whith the new animation cancelling (which, btw really improved turning around, thank you so much!) e.g. when walking forward and hitting with a 1 handed weapon, a spear flailing around when performing a ground stab, or occasionally the character's leg will spasm out to the side when playing the turn animation while jogging.
There is also some pretty jerky animations with firearms, mainly related to the recoil of firing them, where the character's head will snap to position. I unfortunatelly cannot provide any sources, as I don't have the skill that some users on here do of making nice slow mo gifs.

I realise that this is probably a side effect of ending the animations early, and is probably a known issue, i'm just putting it out there.


And on another note, some weapons are quite broken when equipped in the secondary slot, especially when using a firearm.


And finally, I noticed bandanas don't use the new "wear" submenu (Might be intentional?, but I suspect it's because they're technically different items, or something along those lines.)

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