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1fps after running fine for months


Hi guys,


ive been running IWBUMS 41.xx for months, overnight my game went from running butter smooth to about one frame per second.

the steam framerate counter says that the game is running locked at 56fps when in focus and when i tab out it runs at 150+ fps. The steam fps counter is clearly incorrect as my game is unable to show me anything but a slide show.

I have validated my files, tried windowed, full window and fullscreen (each box ticked individually, not at the same time) and messed with all the settings as much as possible. at this stage I am at a loss as to what to do.
help is much appreciated.



game runs fine in borderless windowed 2560x1377 (my monitor is 2560x1440)
still need help figuring out why i cant run it in native resolution



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Could you try reinstalling the game? It makes me wonder what would cause the sudden 1 FPS when everything worked fine before, I doubt it was a game update since the issue would be more prevalent. Maybe some files have gotten corrupted and a reinstall would fix that, or if any other external changes happened like installing a program that could mess with the game.

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I cannot fathom any reason why but the game is working in borderless window 2560x1440 native just fine again, I have not reinstalled nor unplugged anything 😕, I'm glad its working but I  would love to know what went wrong.

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