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Upgrade for SELECT MODS menu

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List of changes:


"BACK" button discards all changes; "ACCEPT" button applies all changes and start reload lua (even if there were no changes).


Panel with filters and search:
- button "Show all mods" resets all filters, but not search;
- when reload lua, panel is reset to default state.

List of mods:
- be careful with "To favorites" and "Remove from favorites": after clicking "ACCEPT", favorite mods will be enabled in all saves; mods removed from favorites will be disabled in all saves;
- icons are read from mod.info; image will be scaled to line-size (which depends on the font size); if no icon is assigned, the map-icon will be used for mods containing maps, and the "piece of cake" icon for all others;
- mod states are written in brackets after the name, as well as displayed by a marker near icon and color of the text.


Panel with preview:
- if the image is one, then it will be stretched to the entire panel (saving aspect ratio);
- if there are several images, then it can be leaf with mouse-wheel or clicking the side previews; clicking on central image will stretch it to fit the panel.


Info panel:

- can display description of the mod in current language - for this in mod.info file need <LANG:XX> command (XX - language code);

- the rest of the information is placed in the collapsible block "Extra info"; besides mod-ID and require-list, from mod.info reading lines "modversion", "pzversion", "tags", "authors";
- under the collapsible block there are links to local files of the mod, steam page and address specified in mod.info file in line "url".

- at the very bottom - the button for editing custom tags that will be saved in the file (homedir)/Zomboid/Lua/saved_modtags.txt.


Saving lists of enabled mods:
- file (homedir)/Zomboid/Lua/saved_modlist.txt is used;
- four preset lists: "Disable all mods" and current actives lists (global, last save and current save, if you went from the "SELECT SAVED GAME" panel);
- mods marked as favorites ignore selection from this list (that is, "Disable all mods" is disable all mods, except for favorites).


- mod works instead of original ModSelector.lua file
- gamepad is almost not supported - only "BACK" and "ACCEPT" buttons (does anyone need this?)
- button "Map Mod Priorty Order" removed - I did not find anything that would make it available (if it is still needed - write me how and where it should work)

Mod in GitHub

Mod in Steam


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5 hours ago, Dr_Cox1911 said:

Would it be possible to Support the Tag Mod from Maris: More Mod tags

Depends on what you mean when you write "Support". Now these mods don't interfere with each other and can work simultaneously.
Three different sets of tags:
- tags in mod.info - they are written by the author of the mod, and they can be read by installing the mod;
- tags added by More_Mod_tags - are also assigned by the author, but are stored outside the mod and are visible only in Steam;
- custom tags that you can assign to any mod, but no one else will see them.
At first glance, it looks quite chaotic, yes. Probably, we could try to synchronize the first two sets: so that the tags that are published in Steam would be written in mod.info - but this should be done from More_Mod_tags.

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