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Multiplayer Server Problems

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I'm an admin for a multiplayer server and we've run into seemingly-random problems.
We're on the current stable build.

Currently, players are experiencing;

- long initial connecting times

     -- (the black screen with "this is how you died" - the 'click to start' prompt takes abnormal time to show)
- after 'click to start,' the world taking abnormal times to load/render

     -- (i.e. it's snowing, but upon loading in players don't see any snow for a minute or so)

     -- (the world is dark/shaded and takes a minute to brighten up properly, even at night)

- flashing cone walls sporadically that don't clear / flat black chunks that fail to load even after 30s


We're running various mods, and we're having issues narrowing down the problem.

We suspect ground-clutter is causing world problems, but wanted to see what staff think.

We're also wondering the difference between a soft reset, and a hard reset?


Whatever other information is needed, I'll fill you in no problem!
Appreciate any and all help on this matter.

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Greetings ToastyPancakes,


as syfy already said we need more info regarding the server. Could you provide the following info:

  • Server hardware
  • Server "type" (V-Server, root, on your gaming machine, ...)
  • Server internet connection
  • Player count
  • RAM addressed to the PZ-server itself


That's all I can think of from the top of my head right now. After you posted this info we might see the culprit and can point you in the right direction.

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Posted (edited)

Appreciate the responses!


- Intel i7-4790K (4c/8t)

- 32GB DDR3 1333MHz

- 240 GB SSD

- Server type; CentOS accessable via SSH/root access/dedicated server

- Internet connection is 250mbps via OVH/SYS datacenter

- 26GB RAM allocated to PZ server


We usually average 15-18 players during peak times, but when this issue popped up we were experiencing problems with as little as 2-3 players.

When we launched the server, we increased the allocated RAM because the server was crashing around 9-10 players, but haven't had any issues for about a month.



We've done some troubleshooting already and we highly suspect it's ground items all over the world. We want to try a soft-reset, but want clarification as to what exactly that will clear.

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