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Lunchbox bug, fresh fruit 12 months later and disappearing fruit

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41.39 no mods


I have the game set for 12 months after the apocalypse, but just found a lunchbox with a "fresh" banana in it.  I took the lunchbox from the cupboard into my inventory, equipped it in my secondary hand, then switched to it and took the banana.  (I'm explaining this part because of what happened with the other lunchbox.)


I also found a lunchbox the other day that had an apple in it, but when I moved the lunchbox directly from the cupboard to the floor to look inside, the apple disappeared.


I have the world options set so that there shouldn't be any fresh, or perishible foods at all.  Except the items that I get from farming.


I'm guessing that for certain objects, the game doesn't look inside a container + inside a container.  However, if you find a garbage bag inside a trash can, or plastic bag in a cupboard for example, you CAN find items in those.







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Do you have the lucky trait? The lucky trait makes it so "rare" items have a 10% chance of spawning, It does this roll when you first open a container. I have found fresh food next to rotten food tons of times. Let's say you find a fruit stand a few weeks in, all the food in it is rotten. But, when you first look inside it you find one fresh. That is because the lucky trait just spawned one in.


I think it does this based on what "Rare" items spawn in said container. So better food for shelves or fruit stands, Weapons for dressers, nightstands, or gun cases. And axes, guns, construction tools, for zombies.


IF you don't have lucky then ya this is prob a bug.

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