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NPC Awareness (And Dog Tracking)

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I think it would be cool (depending on the awareness traits of your fellow NPCs when you're out on a run) if when there's a zombie behind you that one of your group members spots that is out of your field of view, they will call it out and that patch of fog behind you where it usually is invisible becomes more visible. Having someone to watch your back adds another advantage to playing as a group, which makes the decision of going solo or with a group more interesting. Dogs should also be able to do this too, maybe with some barking rather than a "watch out!" line.


I think it would also be cool if there was a tracking aspect with hunting where they can lead you to animals you want to hunt. Maybe there should be an animal training tree to enhance the skill with which your animal can do this. (maybe animal companions having their own skill trees of tracking, fighting etc?)


Not sure what the scope of the NPCs is going to be exactly, I just know its going to be pretty big so maybe these ideas have already been passed around during the drawing board phase, but just in case I'm putting this out there for consideration.

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