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So my player is thirsty so i planning to drink like a normal human because I have an empty mug and a kettle full of water (already cooked)

So I grab the empty mug, and i am trying to pour a water from Kettle to the empty Mug, guess what happened?
I drink from the Kettle automatically while holding an empty mug, it is a very unpleasant thing to do in Zombie apocalypse, especially when you have an empty mug and just want to be a polite person, 🤣

"So, I guess, automatic drink is not really necessary boss..."


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Posted (edited)

I really enjoy auto-drink when I've got a bottle of water on me, and I'm really glad that my character is smart enough not to take a swig from a bottle full of tainted water. That said, I wouldn't mind if the auto-drink mechanic was something you could turn on and off, kind of like a more binary version of "Reload Difficulty". That, or... Maybe restrict auto-drink to specific items like bottles and canteens.

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