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How exactly add a new item to zombie drop?

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Hello and thanks for reading this post  (My english skill is really weak, sorry for that)


 Thats my problem ->   I'm trying to add   "1% chance  drop a "Goldcoin" "   to zombies,  (goldcoin is a new item already created by myself)


I finish the Goldcoin script,

but still I have no idea about how to modify the zombie drop rate list... :(


maybe i need modify something in....

ProceduralDistributions  or  SuburbsDistributions      



but I dont know how to exactly do that...    if some hero could helpme I will be really gratefull


(also I dont know how to set the percent chance to 1%  ProcedualDistributions use numbers like 0.05 im really confuse about that.)



Have a good day and thanks for your time!


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0.05 means 0.05% in general. But it depends on may other factors. For example, there is a limit of items in container, so many items with high drop chance will compete to each other. Also loot is increased in areas with high zombie density.

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