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List of world tiles that can't be disassembled

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I finally get to assembling items that should be disassemblable but currently are not. See also "List of world tiles that can't be picked up" for items that are not movable.


Some of the items I already stated in this reply from a thread originally started by@Geras back in reply to his findings. I'll try to update this thread from time to time:



There's also various mirrors, though I don't know what they should drop and things like corkboards, cardboards posters and hay bales, there is no reasonable thing for them to drop, though they could technically be usable as a fire source. 


Some of the items (e.g. microwave) should also use Electrical instead of metalworking and plastic items should not be disassemblable at all (currently I think just the table is).


It might be a good moment to enable some thread and or fabric from disassembling the curtains, armchairs and coaches, as well as some Tailoring boost! It would surely help training that new skill.

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