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Bad target choice & zombie going through fence (IWBUMS 41.39)

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I was waiting for 2 zombies behind a fence. When the first one vaulted the fence and fell in front of me, the other one was just beginning the vault animation.

I attacked with a hammer, but instead of hitting the closer zombie that was on the ground, I hit the one that was beginning the vault.


Then, despite hitting the zombie during his vault animation, he only got the short stun animation (when you hit them with a weapon), and was already on the other side of the fence. Hitting him resulted in a faster recovery, skipping the whole vault/get up animation of the zombie. In this kind of situation (hitting a zombie at the beginning of his vault animation), maybe he should stay on the other side, or fall on the ground because of the hit.

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It's not about instakill, it's that the zombie skips the whole vault/get up animation by going through the fence just because I hit him. He should either stay on the other side of the fence, or not recover so fast since he is skipping the vault animation for a way shorter one.


Maybe it doesn't look like a problem in this situation, but if you want a concrete exemple of what it could lead to : I got bit because my character hit the zombie that was beginning the vault instead of the one that already went through the fence (that was on the ground), which resulted in the first zombie to make me fall while the second one could bite me almost instantly while I was getting up, because my hit made him skip the vault animation.


If you compare both animation time, the "hit stun" animation is something like 1,5 seconds, while the vault animation is something between 4 and 6 seconds, depending if he tries to make you fall. Either the vault animation shouldn't get skipped in that situation, or the zombie shouldn't instantly get on the other side of the fence by getting hit early.

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