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Windows and another confirmation of the simulation of our world.

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Hello everybody!
Has anyone admired their reflection for too long to notice errors in the matrix? (I hope someone finds this funny)

Two bugs at once! Although they do not affect the gameplay at all

The first visual bug is that the concrete fences almost disappear from the screen when the character looks not at it, but at the house through the window. If he turns away from the house to the fences, they will return back to the screen.
The screenshots below.


The second visual bug is that double windows look like two normal windows if you get too close to it.
Almost the same thing happens with garage doors, but they can be opened. But double windows cannot be opened - the character tries to open them once and immediately stops the action (Perhaps the mechanics were conceived like at garage doors?)
Screenshot below. (I had no trouble signing this screenshot in case my English failed me)
All screenshots were taken below Rosewood, in a tree warehouse. (In my opinion, that's what it's called)


This is the whole bug report.


These are randomly found bugs. I just ran around this house, climbed through the windows, and generally found fault with everything until I saw these mistakes.
If you already know them, could you let me know? I will better check the bug reports so that there are no repetitions. Or any other way. To avoid wasting your time and mine


I would also like to simply thank you all for your work. The Indie Stone - is one of the best teams I've ever seen ^-^

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