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Big Problem running on Ubuntu 18.04 [build 41.38]

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Hello !

First of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm a french guy.


I can't play on Ubuntu 18.04 since the patch 41.38 has released.

I'm facing with error 1091, 1092 or 1093.



So why I can't play ?

As you can see on the image below the character seems not to appear. Like if the rendering don't want to show.




And then, when I begin the game, even my character created doesn't show. No character, some HUD isn't there... well that's odd.



I can't move !

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I also got this log when I'm running on the terminal with the command : "~/.steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/projectzomboid.sh"

Jun 20, 2020 7:03:59 PM zombie.ui.UIManager render
SEVERE: null
	at zombie.core.skinnedmodel.advancedanimation.AnimatedModel$AnimatedModelInstanceRenderData.init(AnimatedModel.java:195)
	at zombie.core.skinnedmodel.advancedanimation.AnimatedModel.renderMain(AnimatedModel.java:965)
	at zombie.ui.UI3DModel$Drawer.init(UI3DModel.java:49)
	at zombie.ui.UI3DModel.render(UI3DModel.java:185)
	at zombie.ui.UIElement.render(UIElement.java:1542)
	at zombie.ui.UIElement.render(UIElement.java:1542)
	at zombie.ui.UIElement.render(UIElement.java:1542)
	at zombie.ui.UIManager.render(UIManager.java:431)
	at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.render(MainScreenState.java:478)
	at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.render(GameStateMachine.java:37)
	at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71)
	at zombie.GameWindow.renderInternal(GameWindow.java:327)
	at zombie.GameWindow.frameStep(GameWindow.java:726)
	at zombie.GameWindow.run_ez(GameWindow.java:640)
	at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:467)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

This message show this exception like if I'm in an infinite loop...

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Oh It works ! Thank You so much !


For the others, I put the files of "natives.zip" ( libjassimp64.so and libLighting64.so) on this directory :



Replace it and launch the game.


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/home/${USER} was a bad Idea I replace it with a tilde

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