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Unexpected crashes


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Hello there I've been playing pz for hundreds of hours and enjoyed every second of it... Well until wbums 41 happened. I'll try to explain what's going on with my game at this moment and I mean try because English is actually not my first langauge.

At the beginning of 41 build my game started to crash for the first time of my life, game worked perfectly in previous builds no crashes no bugs nothing.  So I thought that it's the issue that'll be fixed over time with next iwbum versions and so I waited and well, I was wrong it keeps crashing usually between 10-30 minutes of gameplay or even sooner. Here I'll try to explain how it works for me and what I've observed so far.
If I dont do anything crazy in the game, just walk around killing zeds game should work for 30 minutes and then crash sooner or later but. Most of crashes occur at specific actions:
I enter a vehicle, go to sleep, craft furniture, pick up furniture, fill up bottle (If I do thoose actions right after world loads it works fine no crash)

So what happens after thoose crashes?  Basically game goes 12 hours back in time  when there was a day before the crash now it's night. Cannot rewatch tv shows, zeds spawns where I've already killed them(or even next to me), windows/doors that I've opened are closed again, items that have been taken from containers respawn but does not despawn from inventory if I took them before and when I try to take the same item for the second time it just disappear from container but does not add to  my inventory, salvaged furniture also respawns and I can salvage it again to basically multiple the exp points since character inventory/exp points does not reset at all, some normal houses become barricaded (they weren't before crash) and/if I drop any items on the ground or put them into container and the crash occur I preety much lose all the items. However if I just close the game before the crash surprise me all the items/time/zeds are saved how they should be saved, no item respans no time changes.

It's all I can think of what causes most of them and what happens after them. I had few mods before but I removed all of them, later I removed all game files, uninstalled it and then reinstalled so game is fresh and new, without mods and the nasty stuff still happens.
Some stuff about my laptop:
Windows 10 64 bit
8GB ram
GPU: Intel (R) HD Graphics 5500
I dont get any crash logs (I dont even know if I should so I'll sends console and recent logs and sorry if something is unclear )
I'm just scared at this point that after build 41 is finished the issues I expirience right now will continue and I wont be able to play pz properly anymore.
console.txt logs_18-06.rar

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I believe the crashes are mainly caused by the integrated Intel graphics card. Build 41 doesn't seem to play well with those cards especially. I have seen similar crashes with cards HD 2000 all the way to 5500. I would recommend trying to run the game in 32 bit mode, as that is usually more stable to play on weaker graphics cards.

You can run the game in 32 bit mode by going to your game folder "Steam Library > Rightclick ProjectZomboid > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files "
and running the "ProjectZomboid32.bat" file

Another thing that I can suggest is lowering any graphics settings, enabling Texture compression, disabling zoom and such and making sure that your graphics drivers are up to date.
You can download and install the latest driver from here:

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Thank you for the quick response I've tried 32bit version of the game and it seems to work without any problems, 2 hours without crashing I guess it solves my problems for which I am very grateful. I'll have only one last question, is there a way to start 32 bit version from steam library or I have to start it from game folder every time?

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I am pretty sure going to the "Games" menu at the top of the Steam client and adding selecting "Add a Non-Steam game" will work.
You can then just browse the 32 bit file and can launch it from Steam.
It should still launch the game in nonsteam mode, as it just runs the .bat file basically.
I dont know of any other way to make it so you could run in 32.bit mode otherwise, not really familiar with the Steam client workings that much.

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