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Automatically kill some zombies

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I was impressed by a mod called Undying Zombies which automatically reanimates some corpses.

The mod is incredibly simple but works pretty well,so I tried making an opposite mod which automatically kills some zombies.  
I downloaded some similar mods and learned from them a lot but my mods didn't work at all.
I would appreciate it if you would give me some advice or simple examples.

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--Kill all zombies around the current player
function kill_all(range)
	range = range or 15
	range = range*range
	local p = getPlayer()
	local zlist = p:getCell():getZombieList()
	local playerX,playerY,playerZ = p:getX(),p:getY(),p:getZ();
	local cnt1 = zlist:size()-1;
	for i=0,cnt1 do
		local zombie = zlist:get(i);
		local diffX,diffY = playerX - zombie:getX(),playerY - zombie:getY();
		local distsq = diffX*diffX + diffY*diffY;
		if distsq <= range then


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Thank you for the reply.

Is it possible to automatically kill or reduce10% of zombies anywhere on the map everyday?

I always get bored after I build decent bases because zombies are not respawned unless I kill them.

If a mod automatically reduce a total amount of zombies,new zombies will regularly appear near my houses and I'll enjoy fighting against them.

The problem will be solved if zombies migrate more but unfortunately they don't.

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