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I'm not sure if I'm just unlucky, but in my last couple games I've found cigarettes to be rarer than sledgehammers, this is both looting buildings and cars and checking corpses.

I'd love to see this balanced at some stage, as it makes for some cool RP/immersion.


Loving the updates, the game looks great at the moment.

And thanks to the dev team for their ongoing hard work, cheers!

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I usually have hundreds by the first week, so you might be looking in the wrong places.

They tend to spawn in trash cans and warehouse buildings, I don't know if I've ever seen them on a corpse.

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I used to find a lot on gas station shops, but I didn't played that much on build 41 yet to confirm this.  But I can confirm that is very unlucky of you, there's plently of them.


Sanctus wasn't sure, but they appear on corpses as well.

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VehicleDistributions.GloveBox = {
	rolls = 1,
	items = {
		"Cigarettes", 7,



StoreShelfSnacks --> 60
LockerClassy -- > 2
Locker --> 2
KitchenDishes[junk] --> 4
KitchenRandom[junk] --> 2.8


Procedure "StoreShelfSnacks" in the world:

conveniencestore --> shelves --> StoreShelfSnacks
zippeestore --> shelves --> StoreShelfSnacks
fossoil --> shelves --> StoreShelfSnacks
pharmacy --> shelves --> StoreShelfSnacks (50%)
cornerstore --> shelves --> StoreShelfSnacks



zippeestore --> counter --> 20
grocery --> counter --> 20
gigamart --> counter --> 20
fossoil --> counter --> 10
fossoil --> crate --> 10
fossoil --> dresser --> 3
shed --> other --> 10
shed --> other[junk] --> 25
garagestorage --> other --> 10
garagestorage --> other[junk] --> 25
garage --> metal_shelves --> 10
library --> counter --> 4
bar --> shelves --> 24
bar --> counter --> 12
bar --> bin --> 3
barkitchen --> shelves --> 18
mechanic --> wardrobe --> 9
motelroomoccupied --> bin --> 3
cafe --> bin --> 1
post --> counter --> 2
generalstorestorage --> other --> 30
generalstore --> other --> 35
storageunit --> all --> 30
cornerstore --> counter --> 40

all --> inventorymale --> 0.3
all --> inventoryfemale --> 0.3
all --> desk --> 1
all --> sidetable --> 4
all --> bin --> 3
all --> officedrawers --> 1
all --> other --> 1

Bag_Schoolbag --> 2
Bag_WorkerBag --> 2
Garbagebag --> 1


It's a RANDOM!

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It's a WEIGHTED random! :D

SnackStores are the best (and any, except the pharmacy, are equally good), so we were just incomplete (and its hard to be more complete than an actual piece of code).  They can be found on corpses, while 0.3 doesn't seems too much, seems that is a weight (and not a plain chance), as corpses have much lower itens options, may be higher than it seems.  I don't have a generous soul as Maris to download the code and try to figure out the 'absolute chances' of stuff, but is an idea throw to the wind :P

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Each "1" means 0.01%+
So "60" means 0.6%+, i.e. greater than 0.6%.

But formula is not simple, and the chance is higher in places with high zombie density.

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I find tons of them. Though I'm curious if the loot levels are accurate right now. Playing in Survivor I am finding just tons of supplies in the upscale Riverside houses. According to the sandbox options, Builder difficulty has all loot (besides food) set to Extremely Rare, which suggests there is even less loot in Builder mode. I would expect higher difficulties to have less loot, not more.

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