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Graphics glitch on farm / dirt tiles

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I found some weird graphics bugs in the base game. This are the coordinates:




Here´s the screenshots:

https://imgur.com/caJOczQ (without mods)

https://imgur.com/vSgY9PJ (without mods)

https://imgur.com/5JO3oNU (With AIZ 2 enhanced map mod)


Someone else (Mumbler on Discord) has confirmed them.

My graphics drivers are up to date. I validated the game files and redownloaded the game. 



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I got a GTX 960. I saw similar bugs on streams of other people meanwhile.


One of the devs of Hydrocraft told me, that it´s some tiles that are no longer valid in the vanilla tileset and since the maps use that tileset they bug out too.

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This also happens when using certain natural floor type tiles when building lots IN BuildingEd and placing them in the world.


My sense is that its a graphics glitch specific to the tile blending for certain soil/dirt tiles in game.


I had to replace a specific soil type tile with a different one and it resolved the same looking issue above.



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