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Unable to add custom tiles to Tiled

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Hi All,


I'm having a few issues whilst creating my custom map. The main and most important one, I can't add custom tiles to Tiled. The option is simply greyed out. I've created the tiles in Photoshop, added them in my C:\Users\me\Documents\Project Zomboid\Zomboid Mapping\Tiles as suggested but nothing works. I've added the sheet to the "2x" folder inside "Tiles" as well but no joy. Still greyed out. Can anyone offer any advice? The only option I can think of is to reinstall the tools but I'd rather avoid that if possible.




Also I have 2 other questions which are less important.


How do I set my spawnpoint up so my character spawns inside a building like you do in vanilla?


What is the best way to test your map? What I mean by that is does anyone have a preferred method for testing, i.e install a god mode mod etc. I've never really delved into mods except playing other people's maps so am pretty clueless as to which, if any, work best.


Thanks for your time.

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