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does this mean we'll be able to find floppy disks with games and text files and images and totallynotpornstuff around?

also, can we take a moment to appreciate the last 3 to 4 letters of the video link? lol

you sCUM!


the following conversation snip came as a result, on discord:

[14:14] chad: Old floppy disk with the original Oregon trail game on them lol
[14:14] eksynn: heck yea!
[14:14] eksynn: gameception ftw
[14:15] eksynn: and it's basically freeware now, so it's totally doable to have the actual original oregon trail playable
[14:15] eksynn: organ trails.. not so much, but would be funny lol
maybe we can talk to them about it? ( ・ ▿・)

[14:16] Ghost R: searching a government PC for to find out what caused the zombie outbreak
[14:16] chad: “You killed 1000 lbs of meat but were only able to carry 100 lbs back”
[14:16] eksynn: xD
[14:16] chad: Or something like that been awhile lol
[14:17] eksynn: brutal lol
now i wana play oregon trails
or organ trails.

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One thing I must say is that, now that functional PCs are becoming a thing, then maybe it'd be nice if they added some of them to all those office blocks and cubicle buildings that often feel so strange with those threadbare desks.

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4 hours ago, Zombie_man_2019 said:

is better wolfestein! is from 1992


Wolfenstein 3D came out in 1992 for DOS.


I was looking at Mortal Kombat but that was an arcade release in 1992 and didn't come out for MS-DOS until 1994.


Both Lemmings and The Secret of Monkey Island would fit the date though.

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