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Some help for a returning player.

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So, i've not played PZ in quite a few years, and wanted to get back in to it.


I started watching ambiguousamphibian's series called "How Long Can I Survive in Project Zomboid with ALL the NEGATIVE Traits?" And was quite happy to see that quite a lot has been added since i last played.

Cars! So Cool!

Dismantling!! ( at least i don't recall that before, maybe i'm misremembering)

The character graphics look like they have been overhauled! Nice!

New tabs have been added to the character sheet! (temperature, protection levels) Very cool!

Crouching while sneaking! Neat-o!


So, off i go, load the game up and... hmm... my version seems to look like it did when i played many years ago, i can't seem to crouch, my character model looks very pixilated, and much the same, i also don't have the temp or protection tabs.


Is this youtuber using mods? I checked the first video, and didn't see any mention of mods, though, are there some QoL mods that everyone uses and therefore doesn't mention?

Is he using some beta build?


Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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1 hour ago, IHaTeCookie said:

Its the beta branch for build 41.

To be more specific, at any given time there's sort of two versions of PZ: the stable, reliable, play-tested-to-death version, and a version lovingly referred to as I.W.B.U.M.S. (I Will Back Up My Save).  The IWBUMS branch, while available to the public, is often peppered with bugs and glitches, some rather detrimental.  It's also a playground for newly released, yet-to-be-balanced content, so some things don't quite work while some things work...too well.


If you're willing to put up with potentially playthrough-ending bugs and glitches on occasion, you can find all the info you need here: 




You HAVE decided to come back at an exciting time; wholly new animations, new combat mechanics, visible bags to carry and wear, nutrition, cars, a new town or two...if you've been gone a few years, I highly recommend you hop on board the beta and dive right back in!!


Oh, and don't forget to BACK UP YOUR SAVE!


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