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Heavy Gustav

Proximal Zombie Damage & Clothing Functionality

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Random mod idea - what if just as prolonged exposure to the zombie corpses drains health, prolonged exposure to zombies themselves causes a drain on health, with face masks lessening the effect to varying degrees and hazmat suits stopping it fully. If zombies are in proximity of your base it becomes a big problem for them to be close to you, the length of your melee encounters is limited (depending on your gear), and there is now a new and practical use for the hazmat suits and masks. I think its an interesting way to make the game a little more challenging. Furthermore in a manner reminiscent of the bubonic plague where the infected corpses were tossed across walls to inconvenience the other side (an early form of biological warfare) you too can lure a horde to someone's base and effectively blockade them in an all too threatening manner.

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