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Steam doesn't recognize PZ anymore.


This is an odd one. A few days ago I was loading PZ when the power went out in my home, right when it was about to load lua files and stuff.


When the power got back I turned my PC on and started PZ again, only the find out that Steam would ask me if I wished to install PZ, confused, I declined. I went into the PZ main directory and all the files seemed to be there but it wasn't showing up on Steam's library. Going back to the main directory I ran the game through the 64bit .exe there and it was just fine, even Steam recognized I was playing PZ but still, it wasn't showing up on the library.


Fast forward a couple of days when the two latest versions of IWBUMS were released... I wasn't surprised to find out that Steam wasn't updating the game because "it's not there". So I decided to see what would happen if I tried to install PZ again, with an existing copy already in my PC. It downloaded about 1.3gb worth of data and the game, through steam, wasn't opening... I got this message:




So I uninstalled the game through steam and manually deleted all remaining loose files at the main directory and proceeded to reinstall the game "properly", but to no avail, 1.3gb again (despite saying that the game is about 7gb?) downloaded and same error message when I try to launch it.


Anything I can do? Why did Steam just stopped recognizing PZ because my PC was turned off when loading the game? First time I see something like that!

Is there any way to manually clean up my PC from all PZ files so I can do a proper uninstall?



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This specific error message can be fixed by going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and deleting the "logs.zip" file. Can you try doing that, launching the game and checking if the game works with Steam after that?

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