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<OPEN RP> Last Days on Earth (Zomboid Files)

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I'm moving these posts over from the Steam forums per request of Rathlord. I will try to keep this post and the one on steam updated... copying and pasting between the two. Anyway this is a great game and I look forward to meeting/rping with all of you in the PZ world. 


I will be posting various stories through my adventures in Project Zomboid. Please keep in mind that I just got the game and I'm learning as I go through. However in order to connect better with the game and immerse myself more in it's amazing sandbox feel, I have decided to write down my adventures and keep a running journal of various characters as I go through the game. We all know how this is going to end however the fun is in the ride, not in the actual pursuit of immortality.


A little background on the way that I plan to write these, I'm going to roleplay that these transmissions are being sent to you via a secure channel. It is up to you how/why they are being received by you and why you are receiving them. ((Are you in the military, government, a freelancer, whatever you so choose)) That way if you care to post a response then you are welcome to do so. This also leaves it open to me to do several stories and a reason that someone would be reading them. If no one responds, that is fine --- if they do then I will be delighted to see the other side of the stories. Thus I will do the one introduction story in the next post and then use that introduction for every proceeding character to follow. Hope this makes sense and remember ENJOY THIS FUN AND AMAZING GAME!

[[You received the following information via secure channels.]]





I was hoping to keep this off the record for the time being. No survivors this time around… but we found one item of particular interest... a hand clutching a book unlike anything we’ve seen since the beginning.


We’re transcribing the handwritten text and will be sending them to you via this format as they are completed.


Some of the things going on out here can only be described as horrific. Just from the first couple pages I cantell you that this man has been through hell. But this is just the first of many journals errr files that I'm sure we'll uncover in our travels. I will continue to send them to you as we find them, hopefully we can all learn something from their pages.

Entry #1


It’s funny… the dead seem to know where the majority of people were. They seem to go to the places that I most need to get to. Well maybe they were living and just died trying to get the same materials I find myself going door to door looking for.


Anyway, here I am in a local book shop and it’s empty. So, as I sit here writing down my thoughts, I can only hope someone will read this one day. Hell, I'm starting to think that I'm the last person alive in this world.


I suppose I’ll start with my name. My parents thought it would be wise to call me Anson, yeah I think they smoked too much weed back in the day -- but my friends all call me Antz. Well they did call me Antz, haven seen or heard from any of the old crew in days.


Up until now, I’ve been moving and refuse to stay in one place any longer than I have to. Constantly looking for something, something that may make me feel normal again… safety, comfort. Hell at this point I would be happy with some companionship, but every house I go to it seems that I'm a day too late. Perhaps that is why I picked up this notebook? For some sort of conversation, even if it is one sided.


Anyway from here, I’m gonna keep moving west... try to hang to the rural areas where the zeds are spread out a bit more. My arms ache from the constant swinging of blunt objects Run, Bash, Run, Rest, Run… seems like it’s all I do anymore. You would just think that with all this running, I would finally find somewhere safe. There is somewhere safe out there right?


Ugh… this whiskey is making me all babbly and ♥♥♥♥. I better head out and find a place to set up camp before I lose light.

Entry #2


I’ve only been on my own for a couple weeks now and I’m tired… more tired than I’ve ever been. Hungry as well. We were all so spoiled living in our own little bubble we each called life. Our biggest concern was how many more days it was until Friday or how tired we were after a long 8 hour day of work. None of us really knew how difficult life could really be. It’s interesting how fast priorities can switch in a moment’s notice.


I was sitting at work in my office, nothing bigger than a slightly large walk in closet… acting like I was working as a I browsed the internet and various social networking sites. Everyone was commenting about how these people were biting each other and other weird behavior. I chuckled to myself and thought about how it was probably another bath salt incident. Man, were people really so off their rockers these days? It was no sooner than a chuckle left my mouth that crap hit the fan, it came on QUICK! Sad thing about that was the fact that so many people were just like me… at work, school, or whatever.


And the first thing we all did was call home.


Networks flooded and crashed and then the panic set in. Imagine that. Thirty miles from home and your family… your kids… and you can’t even call to work out HOW you’re gonna meet up and what we are going to do.


Wrecks and fights broke out on the highways and some didn’t survive… then they turned… and bit… then THEY turned and bit. See, when someone is hurt or dying, the first responders (EMT’s, good samaritans, etc.) go straight to CPR… mouth to mouth and such. No wonder half of the first hundred we saw had their lips and face gnawed off.


Enough of the talk about the past right now, I have to rest. I've got a busy day of looting tomorrow, I found a rather large building down the road yesterday. Hoping I can find some badly needed supplies inside...

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Entry #3

After last night, I hit the ground running. There were a few lone zeds mulling around the street across from this bbq joint I used to frequent from time to time. I realized a few things at this moment, a few things that I felt were important to note.


First, I’m poorly equipped at the moment. I have a bag from a small shack which now has some canned goods, a half-gallon jug of water, a well sharpened kitchen knife, and some old clothes in it. The only other thing I have is a shitty revolver that I found in a dresser next to some poor woman's bed. How do I know the bed belonged to a woman? She, well half of her anyway, was still present in the bedroom floor. I didn't have time to remorse for her loss or feel guilty about looting her house.


I’m not proud of this but it was then that I realized that the good samaritan role might not be for me. I -almost- congratulated myself on my badassery until I remembered I had shitty drawers on. Good times…


Finally, I knew the owner of the bbq place pretty well. Well enough to know he kept a sweet pistol in the desk drawer next to the safe and there was probably some foodstuffs to be had. I got my ninja on and crept past the few on the street and into the shop, hopping straight over the counter and into the office in the rear.


Well, my gun-luck must’ve been used up in the city because the gun was gone from the drawer. Man, did that piss me off! I grabbed some water bottles and some canned food and snuck out through the back, making a straight shot for the treeline with the ultimate goal being the field on the other side.


There was an old building in that field and, if I was slick about it, I bet I could hunker down for the night up there. Rain was coming in too so if I could stay dry as well. Lets just hope that this plan goes better than the bbq joint.

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Entry #4


Just saw a pack beside the road… not a herd by any means, just like six or seven of them. They were feeding on a young male. I slowed down as I approached and they didn’t even look up. I don't know why I study these things from a distance, I guess I'm just hoping to see some sign of their former selves still inside them. Something that shows me that they aren't complete monsters.


Another thing I saw for the first time, the poor guy they were feeding on reanimated and started stumble to his feet. At that moment all the deadheads backed off. He got up and it was only then that they turned their attention to me. I didn't burn any time, put my feet to the ground and took off in a sprint.

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