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My friends and I decided to make a private server last night and we played for about 6 hours. 


This morning I woke up to start playing the game again and it allowed me to launch and join the server.


Where it would normally say "click to play" there was an error that said This save is incompatible, please switch to steam branch 32 to continue this save


I have looked at reddit, steam forums and the IndieStone discord and can't find anything. 


If anyone has an answer for how to fix this, please let me know!

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Try going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer" on your computer and there you will see two folders.
One is named servertest and one servertest_player. Go into both of those folders and move or delete the "map_ver.bin" files from them and then try starting the server up.
That file could have possibly gone corrupted and deleting it will allow the server to create a new one, so you wouldn't have the version error.


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