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Workshop Name:  Народный Русификатор для Project Zomboid  (People's Russifier for Project Zomboid).


Official Contributors :

Translation: Lord Hobotok, TruBlueberry, Narrnika

Translation UI: Lord Hobotok

Script: Star (the script is used to work the translated UI textures)

Translation RadioLeoIvanovlordixiLarnestHumort


Special Thanks: (C)IMeowZoldyck, Doctor, Mythos, Whooley, KuzMich, Baby Ruth, Hu_Fu, Nativel, Arseniy_Kotikov, Cores, Narrnika.


Workshop link

GoG link



Well, the fact that I will not abandon the translation - i sure)
And at the moment - I'm the only one who translates the game into Russian. And the pace of the translation is as follows: The patch came out - I translated. Errors are also corrected quickly, in the process of receiving messages about them.


Edited by Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

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Dear developers. I would really like my translation to fall into the main assembly of the game. I know that, according to the rules, I must keep the translation files publicly available on Github, but I do not want to do this.
 Since I will always follow my translation, and follow the reviews of people about it. I make quick edits.
 And if you put the translation on Github, then some people will be able to make it bad.

In a word, a workshop and our Russian community are enough for me to support the quality of the translation.

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