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Lags? Render Issue.

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Hiya guys,
I am having the following issue with me and a couple of friends that recently started playing the game, so the host is not experiencing any of the issues. But for the other players when there are a lot of zombies( around 50+) we cannot play.. zombies start teleporting , map stops rendering etc. the game becomes practically unplayable. we tried Steam normal hosting from there we moved to dedicated server, because I tested several dedicated servers where they have 20+ people at all times and I had no such issues in hordes of 100+ game was running smoothly, we are running pretty much end game specs, the build is 40. Is there any fix for that , or that is still being looked into?

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We have the exact same issue, hosting on a i7 8700k with 32gs of ram with 24g dedicated to the game, and a 600/600 fiber connection and every suggested port forwarded ect. Client computer is of same caliber.
We are only 2 players and client get me and zombies random teleporting as soon as there are more than afew zeds. 
Makes no sense. :(
If a guide exists to fix the issue please throw us alink :|


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