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We all want Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time.

here is some suggestion.


Campfire system expansion.

It is the basic things to do in Survival situation,


here is we can find current PZ Campfire system



not so much for start a fire for surviving the zombie apocalypse,

at first we only need a Match, when all Matches gone?

next we can use a stick and notched wooden plank, only that's it


but come on, its realistic Zombie Apocalypse,

we need more more ways, because it is so much ways to start a fire, especially using household appliances, like;


1.  Ash Cotton ball roll: (this will add ash in a Campfire after it burn out) *more realistic stuff here

Cotton ball + Ash + 2 Plank

Rub together, wait until smoke comes out and wait the ember to grow


2. Dissecting Battery: (this will add more a simple use to battery)

Battery + Hammer/something hard to smash it + tweezer

Take out the lithium and boom, you got fire


the time it takes depends on player surviving skills, idk where to put it but maybe add more skill for surviving, maybe combine it with Foraging skill


And so much more, this will add more realistic touch in our beloved game


here is some reference that we can find on YouTube.


Hopefully this suggestion will help Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time.

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Campfires really aren't that essential in the game tbh, there's already a method of lighting one using a notched wooden plank. Anymore expansion into the campfire system would just be taking away from other features of the game that could use more love. 


One day once everything is finished? Sure, but I really don't think its that big a deal

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