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41.34 Changelist




Added a full decay for zombie corpses: they go from stage to stage until disapearing totally (they can become skeleton before disapearing)

Adjusted melee anims. Added a new slow when swinging (only when going backward) for 2 handed, 1 handed & knife

Added visible wounds on character (not done the lower body parts yet).

Can now remove visible blood from health panel debug menu.

Added new vehicle stories

Added fuel timer to campfires and other fuel items

Added ability to tie the bandana RAMBO style (will also be added with a ripped sheet soon).

Added ability to use bandana as a mask

Removed long press of E to remove keys from car's ignition.

Added ability to hold umbrella

Added ability to hold a torch/flashlight in your hand

Added Garden Saw.

Added a Loot Generator UI in debug context menu to track loot spawns better


Added cruise control, press Shift + W to start/increase it, Shift = S to decrease it speed, breaking will stop the cruise control (Shift + W to resume it to its set speed), accelerating won't break it, after you release accelerator speed will be resumed to set cruise speed.

- The controller X button toggles vehicle cruise control on/off.

- Holding the controller X button and pressing D-pad up/down changes cruise-control speed.


Stealth improvements:


Increased range for jawstab of some knives.

Player will raise their left hand if close enough to jaw stab.

Added jawstab from behind (player & zombie).


Hair dyes:


Added hair dye (regular color will be found in bathroom, some others in a hair salon).

You can dye your hair & beard separately , just right click the hair dye bottle.

Added "Font Size" Display option.

Fonts are loaded from 1x/ 2x/ 3x/ and 4x/ media/fonts/XX/ language-specific subdirectories, if present.




Tweaked junk and clutter loot (increased them, added new loots in there)

Increased painkillers active time.

Lowered flashlight weight from 2 to 1.

Added option to Wash clothes with a full Bucket/Cooking pot and Soap in inventory

Weapon magazines are now affected by Ranged weapons sandbox loot modifier option.

Buffed the current flashlight, the handtorch is a lighter version of the current flashlight.

Battery now weight 0.1 instead of 0.6.

Increased torch/battery spawn rate.




- Fixed day/night active zombies sometimes sprinting when they should be inactive.

- Fixed zombie spawn in large structures like the mall

- Fixed Bare Hands counting as a favorite weapon in non-English languages.

- Fixed mannequin rendering bug (related to the weather fx mask).

- Fixed spawn buildings being randomized.

- Fixed exception when the item type specified by ReplaceOnRotten doesn't exist.

- Fixed not releasing vehicle database memory properly in rare cases when exiting a game.

- Fixed being able to turn during fall down anim.

- Fixed zombie auto turning toward player when close killed.

- Fixed (AGAIN, AGAIIINNN) having to wash 'Blooo' it

- Fixed fishing with the fishing net trap not giving experience in fishing skill.

- Fixed leaving Winter is Coming game resetting the Winter timer

- Fixed metal Floor requiring 0/0 Welding Rods and Blow Torch uses

- Fixed occupational outfits spawning on mannequins

- Fixed Scrap Metal not being used when building fences

- Fixed problem with masking female character's hair.

- Fixed multi hit sandbox option being turned on for challenges.

- Fixed models with capital I not loading when using the Turkish locale.

- Fixed player not finishing turning around before climbing through a window that is behind him/her.

- Fixed missing BreakSound on some weapons.

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53 minutes ago, EnigmaGrey said:

Whenever it's functional.

Naw, rush it and break servers - that's always super fun.😺 Pity it's not ready but I really am excited for when it is. Again, yeah I am so down w/ waiting until all is stable and good. I should be practicing in 41 anyway as MP generally means folks trying to kill ya.🥰 

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1 hour ago, G Jay said:

How to use bandana as a mask? I only see the option to wear it in the top of head.

It's a separate item at the moment, but we'll have that changed in time, one of the next updates


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On 4/9/2020 at 1:17 PM, lemmy101 said:

Adjusted melee anims. Added a new slow when swinging (only when going backward) for 2 handed, 1 handed & knife

New animations look worse than previous animations for spear critical, looks super unnatural not to move your hips and legs.

But the rest, thanks for the updates on this game, super cool to play, gunplay is cool and zombie killing is cool as well, was just a tiny bit better when you could face bigger hordes previous to this patch, like not feeling like a little girl in a videogame feels better.

Edited by eaglewatch

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