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     I've only been playing for about a week, but I have logged over 100 hours of game play thanks to our Shelter In Place order.  During that time I have noticed that there are a few naming conventions that are mixed and make sorting items a bit annoying.  I understand these are small changes, but making them would add polish:


-Have all books titled either Beginner's Mechanics, Intermediate's Mechanics (etc.) or Mechanics for Intermediates, Mechanics for Advanced (etc.)

-Have seed packets named "Seed Packet (Strawberries)" "Seed Packet (Carrots)", etc. for sorting purposes.

-Change "Dirty Rag"/"Ripped Sheet" to "Ripped Sheet (Dirty)"/"Ripped Sheet"  or  OR "Rag (Dirty)"/"Rag"

-Change "Dirty Bandage" to "Bandage (Dirty)"

-Change "Sanitized Bandage" to "Bandage (Sanitized)"

-Sugar, rice, powdered milk and some other foods are categorized as "Items" instead of "Food"

-When foraging, the window that pops up currently says "Scavenge". Change that to "Forage"

-Change the map names to the format: "Map of Rosewood" instead of "Rosewood Map"


     I'm sure there are more little continuity issues, but those are the few that strike me most often.


Happy surviving!


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