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Infection mortality set to Never

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Hi folks,

Hope everyone is well in these strange, strange times!
I've been testing in sandbox with "Infection mortality" set to "Never" and I die everytime. I think this is a bug. I have doneĀ  3 days of testing and die each time, regardless of being otherwise healthy. I enabled debug mode and kept reducing pain/stress etc. and the infection rate and sickness climb at exactly the same rate. I can manage it for a short period or around 2-3 days, but then it quickly spirals out of control and the character dies.

I had a look around and it seems that other folks have all looked at this in a similar way and their characters just die too.

As such, I believe the Infection Mortality setting is bugged, as Never should not kill the player. Maybe this was just never implemented yet, or something elsewhere has broken it.

Would be good to understand what the "never" setting is meant to be for, if not to survive the infection, albeit in very bad shape!
Cheers, and keep up the great work! Love the game.

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I believe you have to take antibiotics to cure the infection otherwise you'll die anyways. When mortality is not set to never even antibiotics can't deal with it.

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