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How do you get the player's co-ordinates?

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Simple question, related to my other thread but since nothing showed up in searches I thought it would be better to ask in a new one so others can find it for help if they want to do the same...




I figured it out, but for those who are wanting to know how, here's the code from Robomat's awesome Co-Ordinates Viewer mod...


        local absX = player:getX();
        local absY = player:getY();

        local cellX = absX / 300;
        local cellY = absY / 300;
        local locX = absX % 300;
        local locY = absY % 300;


absX and absY are "absolute" co-ordinates (where in the whole game world you are)


cellX, cellY, locX and locY are "relative" co-ordinates (current cell and location within it, as used in start spawns)


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player:getX() is float, and it may be 1234.5

(absX / 300) is float too! Not integer.

So I think there is a mistake...

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