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Is it possible to spawn inventory items based on map choice or spawn point?

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Is there a way to have an item spawn in the player's inventory *only* if they select a certain map when starting (for example, a map of Rosewood when starting in Rosewood) or for a specific spawn point (say, they key to the prison when spawning inside the prison).

I can do this based on traits or professions, but I have no idea what code to use to make it start spawn dependant! I presume you can't set it by spawn point (i.e. the house you randomly start it) as that would be even better, but I'm assuming doing this by map choice - or even better, spawn point - is possible?

For traits, it's:
if player:HasTrait("traitnamehere") then

But does anyone know if (and how) this is possible if I wanted to give a key or weapon only to someone who starts in Rosewood or only spawns in the mall?

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I'd simply do this:

- take the area's coordinates from blindcoder's map

- check if the player's position is in that area when he spawns

- then use modData to check if he's already received the items, kinda like this:


if not player:getModData().startingItems then


  player:getModData().startingItems = true



Maybe there's a smarter way, but this should do the trick.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks so much for that!


How do I get "z" co-ordinates (presumably height)? I used RoboMat's co-ordinates viewer to get x and y.

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