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Playing with gamepad, IWBUMS version 41.33.


In previous builds, when trying to open the menu for character information (and skills, health, etc), normally you follow this procedure:


1. Hold the SELECT button to make the radial menu show.

2. Use the right stick to select the required option.

3. Release SELECT to open the selected option.


However, the radial menu currently disappears within half a second, despite holding SELECT. To select the requested option you need to respond quite fast, usually it fails. You can see this effect for player 2 in the video sample below at time 3:04. This also happens while playing solo, btw... quite harsh when you're bleeding out quickly and try to patch up your neck 😅


If behavior could be reverted to the previous situation, that would be much appreciated!




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9 hours ago, poodude28 said:

I thought 41.33 wasn't out in IWBUMS yet?

It is what the game tells me, can't make much more of it...



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Off topic: I just noticed that I apparently never finished writing the topic title. Is there a way for me to correct this?

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