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Training cassettes.


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Hi, I propose: add disposable tv cassette with
recording of life and living extracts.

To start, you will need a TV with a connected video player and the cassette itself.
23 cassettes of them:
8 carpentry parts, 9 cooking, 2 fishing, 1 farming, 2 foraging, 1 hunting.
In order not to upset the balance (because the player can use the multiplier), you need to make them rare (I think 30 houses should have no more than one cassette) enough to spawn them exclusively in houses.

What does this give players?
- Use of tv at a later stage of the game;
- Ordinary houses will cause more interest;
- Increasing the importance of life and living on the gameplay.

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8 hours ago, Nebula said:

They have already been asked about VCRs and cassettes ... and asked so many times ... do not expect anything ... it is useless.

Sometimes it seems to me - that they don’t read this forum ...


Not enough time in the day to respond to every thread; especially not when you already know the answer and could just convey it yourself. It's supposed to be a community, after all, not just an AMA/suggestions box for TIS.

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