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[IWBUMS 41.33] Jawstab Bug (And misc targeting weirdness)

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When performing a jawstab on a zombie next to another, the screwdriver got stuck in and killed the targeted zombie, but the jawstab hit sound played twice, and the zombie next to the one I was attacking (the one in the purple vest) died as well. It was a funny moment, but I'm pretty sure it's not normal game behavior. I'm not sure if this bug can be duplicated, but If I find anything else out, I will attach it to this post through edits.


-Other possible bug: I've been getting this since 41.33. Sometimes I will attack a downed zombie that is in the middle of recovering (getting up), and the character will do a ground attack, but neither the miss (thump) sound plays, or a hit sound, and the zombie completely ignores the hit. It's not game breaking, but I've had it happen often enough at this point that I think there may be some weirdness with targeting of downed zombies.


If others have encountered either of these, please share.

Screenshot (60).png


Edit: I found a video example of the ground attack miss I've been experiencing. Right at 7:38, when they swing at the downed zombie, the attack hits the ground and seems to still be perfectly on target, but nothing happens and neither the missed hit sound plays or a hit sound.



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Ground attack miss example added

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