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Hello everybody, I started a game in Muldraugh a couple days ago. This afternoon I wanted to play, but after a while the game bugged I had to restart the computer.

Now when I go back to the game it's saying that my files are corrupted and that the world version is 0, and I can't play.




Is there a way that I can get my regular file back ? Because I spent a lot of time in this game, I would be pissed if I lost it for nothing ^^'

I'm playing the regular build (not the beta IWBUMS)

If you need any more details, just ask me.

Thank you.

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You can try going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid\Saves\One Week Later" and opening your save folder in there, which is 20-03-2020...etc
When you open that folder, find a file named "map_ver.bin"
Delete or move that file and then try starting the game and loading the world again.

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Hmm alright I have one more idea then, try creating a new game. Then go to the save folder for that game and copy the map_ver.bin to this saved game that doesn't work.
If that doesn't help either I believe that the actual save became corrupted due to the crash, and I am out of ideas how to save it after that really.

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