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Hi. I'm thinking about the creation of a mod for our roleplay PZ server : an icon showing on the character while its player is typing something in local chat.

Being aware that another player is currently typing could be very useful on a roleplay server.


I'm looking for solutions, as no Lua event is linked to this specific situation.
As for now, I have tried to simply capture the "OnKeyPressed" event for the "Return" key (I know it's not either an elegant or a pro approach as keybinding could change.) But I can't even manage to capture the event... Is the return key out of "OnKeyPressed" range ? What am I doing wrong ?

My current test is :

-- If player(0) press "ENTER" key, log it and say it
local function typingIconShow(_keyPressed)
  local key = _keyPressed; -- Store the parameter in a local variable.
  print(key); -- Prints the pressed key to the console.
  -- We test if the correct key is pressed.
  local player = getSpecificPlayer(0);
  if key == 13 then
    print('TYPINGICON MOD - RETURN key hit !');
    player:Say("I press the RETURN key !");
    print('TYPINGICON MOD - '..key..' key hit !');
	player:Say("I press the "..key.." key !");

-- Register the function to key pressed event

Current results : the mod is loaded, but no output, nor in game nor in the console (I tested it by hosting a test multiplayer game).

I'm also wondering... How to get the "typing icon" to appear on other players' client ? I mean, which mechanic should I use to place a small icon on the typing player character and make it visible for every other players ?

Does anyone can help me please ? :)

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Maybe you can utilize something from the mechanic for the PvP toggle which puts a skull above the head when they toggle PvP, not sure if that helps, hope someone makes a mod of this sort though.

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Thank you for your answer. I was thinking of the PvP skull, but didn't find its mechanics yet in the source.
As I struggle with the simple test I mentionned above, for a reason I don't understand (I followed working source code from the community), I'm still stuck. 😕

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