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Clothing v41 - Generation XML

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I would like to know more about clothings in v41, more specifically the generation of XML.

media\clothing\clothing.xml - This file creates specific respawn for professions, for example, makes the zombie declared as Firefighter respawn only in fireman's clothes without mixing with policeman or any other.
This file uses code that I believe is generated by some type of programming or website.
Example: 56e0b193-733d-4061-9a73-167f6b253ec7
This code represents the Jacket_Fireman detailed in
And with the respawn set at a 50% (0.5) chance of appearing on the fireman through line 659 of the Fireman zombie clothing.xml file.

The point is that this link is very important for the creation of clothing MODS as the textures and respawns are being directed through these XML.
To maintain a standardization in the MOD based on the base coding, the question remains. How are these codes generated?


If they are generated randomly, how should I proceed to create new ones without repeating any code from the base of the game so as not to generate errors?

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Those weird strings are called GUIDs.


The idea is that it is so astronomically improbable that anyone could ever generate the same GUID as someone else, ever, anywhere, throughout human history and until the sun explodes, that you can very safely assume that they will be unique from all others in your game or application.


There are websites that will generate one for you.


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Emphasis on improbable

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