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New Big City

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Hey there. Anyone alive here? 
I almost finished the map...
Now I will tell you about the main zones on the map and their features.




Urban zone (red)
- A lot of loot (max)
- a lot of zombies (max)
- a lot of weapons and ammo (max)
- little space, alleyway tight (especially in buildings)
- better not to shoot, no matter how much ammo u have
- stealth can help a lot here
- a lot of traffic jams(car will useless here)
- high difficulty


Residential zone (green)
- low-medium loot
- low-medium zombies
- low-medium weapons and ammo
- almost empty roads (you can use the car)
- medium difficulty


Port zone (yellow)
- A lot of loot (high)
- low-medium zombies
- a lot of weapons and ammo (high-max)
- difficult to get here
- on this side of the coast there are several secret places with awards
- low difficulty (the main threat in this zone is other players)
- most loot in containers (you need a sledgehammer and luck)


How u can see last zone have not many zombies but much of loot and weapons . Port zone i was made special for pvp. But first you need to cross the red zone and the closed bridge to get here (and don't forget, what I wrote about using the car in the red zone)

All zones have unique places in which the number of loot / zombies / weapons will change both upwards and downwards. For example, in the green zone there is a prison, where there are much more zombies than the average for zone. Map have some secret and exotic places for explore (like underground tonnels)


The map has the following parameters
- size 6*4 (24 cells)
- more than 1000+ buildings, and most of them are multi-storey 
- more than 18500+ rooms
- was fixed 100500+ bugs

*the screenshots of zones do not show the whole map


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