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Basements as a mod via teleportation

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Hi all,


do you know of any technical way / or issue to create basements as a map or mod? The forum has a feature-request topic where "sewers / basements" are said to be planned [y]. That probably means it is technically possible (with the engine).


Is there a way to teleport a player? I think of creating a map cell far far away and teleport a player there if he uses a "special basement door". This is a way I know some older games like UO solve it on certain maps 😀




So after digging around in mod scripts an so on, I found out that teleporting is no problem. After creating a custom map and some tilesets, I think creating a cell that is sorounded by "black / underground" tiles is also no problem. This will let a room look like its underground.

There are some new questions open that I need to find an answer to:


  • How to be notified when a player uses a door? There is one thing with listening for a keypress. But there is also the context menu to open doors.
  • How to "save" the information which door leads to which new coordinate. You probably want to define this in WorldEd. Maybe custom areas can be a solution? A door could then check if there is a custom area at its own location and use that.

PS. Yes I'm a programmer, just throw Java/Lua/API stuff or solution ideas at me.

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